I Have Started This Consumer Complaint Web Site Against :

North Point Toyota (501) 753-0400
4336 Landers Road, North Little Rock, Arkansas.

Everything You Will Read On This Web Site Is TRUE And My Wife And I Experienced Unfortunately FIRST HAND & IN PERSON !

None Is Fabricated, Hearsay Or Second Hand Information !

Here Is OUR Opinion & OUR North Point Toyota Horror Story…

First Off, I Would Like To Say That In The Past, My Wife And I Have Purchased BRAND NEW TOYOTA'S Every 4 - 5 Years For The Past 20+ Years, Trading In Our Older Ones.

The LAST 2 We Now Own Were Purchased Brand New At :
North Point Toyota In North Little Rock In Spring Of 2008.

2 Brand New TOYOTA Vehicles In Question :
2008 Rav4 Limited V6 Vin # JTMZK31V786010_ _ _.
2008 Tundra 4X4 DCAB Limited V8 Vin # 5TFBT58157X003_ _ _.

In The Past We Have Always Been Offered Great Service At TOYOTA, That’s What Kept Our Repeat Business…

But That’s The PAST ! Reason Being…

My Wife Has Had An Ongoing Problem With Her Drivers Side Sun Visor Falling Down Out Of Nowhere And Obstructing Her View Of The ROAD While She Was Operating The Vehicle…For Some Time Now...It's A Very Serious Consumer Safety Issue !

Seems NORTH POINT TOYOTA Was Aware Of This Serious Satety Issue And Defective TOYOTA Part Thats Causes The Visor To Drop Down Out Of Nowhere And Obstruct Your Vision While Operating The Vehicle Thats In The Same Category As


Back On Feb. 8th 2010 TOYOTA Sent Out A "Technical Service Bulletin" (T-SB-0068-10) To All Dealeships.

Toyota Stopped Short Of A Recall By Just Acknowledging The Potential Safety Hazard !

To Read For Yourself The "Technical Service Bulletin" TOYOTA Sent Out To All Dealers Concerning This ORIGINAL Genuine Toyota Defected Part, Simply CLICK HERE

At The Time This Technical Service Bulletin Was Sent Out To All Dealers Concerning The Defective And Safety Hazard Part In Question, Our 2008 Rav4 We Purchased Brand New At NORTH POINT TOYOTA Was Well Within The Original Toyota Factory Warranty We Were Given At Time Of Brand New Car Purchase At NORTH POINT TOYOTA !

We Have Been Dealing With This Dangerous Defected Safty Hazzard Part In Our 2008
TOYOTA Rav4 For A Few Years Till We Went On Line To See If There Was Any Type Of Recall, I Did Not See One, Just That TOYOTA Was Aware That The Part Was Defected In ALL RAV4s 2006 - 2010. Yet TOYOTA Did Nothing To Correct This Important Consumer Safty Issue !

***UPDATE ~ 10.12.12***

Today (10.12.12) We Drove Up To NORTH POINT TOYOTA Where We Purchased The 2008 Rav4 Brand New, After Us Narrowing A Serious Accident For About The 10th Time Today Over The Defected Sun Visor That Toyota Themselves Acknowledged Was JUNK Back On 02.08.10 And We Had The Displeasure Of Speaking To The

Rudest Representative Of TOYOTA By The Name Of :

Gary Williams ~ Service Director

Gary Williams Talked To Me Like I Was A Juvenile And I Was Wasting His Time, When I Told Him That Its Been A Dangerous Problem For Us & That TOYOTA Has Been Aware Of, And It Was A Hazard While Driving The Rav4, And We Both Have Almost Been In Accidents Concerning The Defective Part The Company He Represents (TOYOTA) Was Well Aware Of...

Service Director Gary Williams Just Laughed At My Wife And I When We Tried To Voiced Our Safety Concerns…

When My Wife Said Out Of Serious Concern For Her Safety, Quote: "Does Someone Have To Get In An Accident And Die Before Something Is Done About It" And Mr. Gary Williams Almost Fell Out Of His Chair Laughing At My Wife And I.

Personally, I See No Humor In CONSUMER SAFETY ! All The While, The Best North Point Toyota Had To Offer Us Was Either Laughing At Us Or Raising His Voice And Cutting Us Off In Mid Sentence With The Same Verbal Response…Quote: "Its Not Our Problem". After Talking To Us Like We Were A Couple Of Cry Babies, And Treating Us Worst Than The Dog Crap That Was On The Heal Of His Shoe And After Service Director Gary Williams Single Handedly Threw Enough Gasoline On The Situation To Burn The Whole Dealership Down To The Ground…And All The While Not Making Any (NOT 1) Attempt To Defuse This Serious Safety Problem My Wife And I Were Having With 1 Of The 2 BRAND NEW TOYOTA HE SOLD US...It Only Took A Few Minuets Of This Kind Of Unwarranted Verbal Abuse From This Guy Before My Wife And I Had Enough And I Said Quote: "Your Not Working To Hard For Repeat Business Here" Service Director GARY WILLIAMS Then Stopped Laughing Long Enough To Tell Me To Quote "Look Me In The Eye", And With A Real Serious Look On His Face Talking In A Nasty Growl Said Quote: "Then Take Your Business Elsewhere If You Don’t Like It". We Had Had Enough At That Point And Couldn’t Believe Our Ears That Someone Representing TOYOTA Could Be So Disrespectful And Callous Towards Its Valued Customers...Over A Serious Safety Issue ! At That Point We Had Enough...My Wife And I Just Looked At Each Other And Said Nothing Else And Simply Just Walked Out...But, What Really Hurt US The Most Was As We Were Getting Back Into The Potential Death Trap North Point TOYOTA Sold Us, We Looked Back One More Time At North Point Toyota Service Director Gary Williams And He Was Waving Good Bye To US Like He Was On Some Parade Float And Still Laughing At US Like We Were Some Kind Of Joke !

US, Being My Wife And I...The Same 2 People That Bought NOT 1 BUT 2 BRAND NEW HIGH DOLLAR TOP OF THE LINE TOYOTAS At The Same Time 4 Years Ago, And As Always, Was Ready To Trade Them In This Spring (2013) For 2 More BRAND NEW ONES !

Its Now Safe To Say If This Is The Caliber Of Employee

North Point Toyota Wants To Represent Them

We Will Take Our Business Elsewhere This Spring


NORTH POINT TOYOTA You Can Thank Gary Williams - Service Director For This
1 st Amendment Complaint Site !

My Wife And I Have Just Spend 10s Of Thousands Of Dollars To Be Treated Like Crap At :

NORTH POINT TOYOTA 4336 Landers Road, North Little Rock, Arkansas.

Where Customer Safety And Repeat Business Takes A BACK SEAT ! YOU COULD BE NEXT !

Somewhere Along The Way, North Point Toyota Service Director Gary Williams Forgot The Simple And Elementary Fact That Its People Such As My Wife And I That Make HIS Pay Check Possible.

NO ONE Goes To This Extreme Not Unless They Were Rubbed Very Wrong !

I Would Also Like To Think Of Myself As NORMAL In Assuming That A Company The Size Of TOYOTA And NORTH POINT TOYOTA Would ROLL OUT THE RED CARPET For Any High Dollar Consumer REPEAT BUSINESS…Considering All The Facts Concerning Their WELL DOCUMENTED Track Record Of STUCK GAS PEDALS & FAULTY BRAKES Resulting In MULTIPLE FATALITIES…And Also NORMAL In Assuming That TOYOTA And NORTH POINT TOYOTA Would Be All Over Any SAFETY HAZARD ISSUE Concerning THEIR Valued Consumers And One Of THEIR Vehicles…Oh, And Were Not Talking About A Part That’s 1000s Of Dollars…Not Even 100s Of Dollars…NOT EVEN 1 (ONE) DOLLAR ! It’s A Small Plastic Part Thats The Size Of Your Thumb Nail ! To See It Click Here And Probably Cost TOYOTA Less Than A Nickel To Make ! This Whole Issue Could Have Been Avoided Over A NICKEL ! Its Now No Big Surprise Or Secret Where TOYOTA And NORTH POINT TOYOTAS Priorities Lie…Its NOT IN CONSUMER SAFETY Or REPEAT BUSINESS As NORTH POINT TOYOTA REPRESENTATIVE & Service Director Gary Williams Made Perfectly Clear To My Wife And I.

News Flash Dumb Ass…The Days Where You Can Treat And Talk To Someone Like Their Crap And The Most They Could Possibly Do About It Is Tell Their Neighbor Are Gone !

I Will Now Start Forwarding This "Consumer Complaint Web Site" ( To Other Consumer Complaint Web Sites And To All New And Used Auto Dealerships In The Surrounding Little Rock Area And Also Begin Submitting It To EVERY Search Engine On The Planet, In An Effort To Get The Word Out And Warn Other Hard Working Consumers That North Point Toyota Sucks And Consumer Safety Is A Laughing Matter At :

North Point Toyota

4336 Landers Rd, North Little Rock, Arkansas.

I See I’m Not Alone On My Thoughts And Conclusions That
North Point Toyota Sucks !
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